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When does the low promotional price expire?
  • The single license went up to a higher discount price of $225 after June 5, 2015.
  • The single license will go up to the full price of $300 with 30 days notice on this page.
  • The network license will remain at the current price of $1100.
  • What makes this program different from Threadspecs 2.0? (Threadspecs 2.0 was created by a different developer)
  • ThreadSpecs 3 includes support for thread gages.
  • The network edition (site license) of ThreadSpecs 3 includes support for networking.
  • How long can I download updates for free?
  • For one year from your purchase.
  • After that, if you log in to the download page, you will be redirected to an order page.
  • That page will allow you to buy one or more new licenses at a further discounted price.
  • That page will only allow you to buy the same kind of license you purchased previously, but the number of licenses is not restricted.
  • What methods of payment do you accept?
  • If you pay online, you will be going through Paypal, but should be able to use any valid credit card.
  • If you prefer, you can print and mail the order form along with a check in the correct amount, in US dollars. Checks must be made out with the correct amount. You will also have to wait a while for the check to clear.
  • I never received my ID and password to download the software. What's going on?
  • If you provided a valid email address, then we emailed your credentials or will, soon. If you aren't sure, then go to our feedback page and let us know.
  • If you don't receive a response to your feedback, then you need to verify that our emails aren't going into your Junk Mail folder, or being caught by a spam filter.
  • Normally, we email the credentials within a day or two. Under rare circumstances, it might take longer.
  • What if I have questions or problems?
  • If the issue pertains to the software itself, contact Express Software. If it relates to threads or gages, contact Johnson Gage. Information on both is on the Contact Page.
  • How long can I use my ID and password to download the program?
  • Our current policy allows free downloads for a year from the original purchase.
  • You should receive notifications of updates that you can download and install.
  • Remember that the individual license only allows the software to be installed on one computer, so you should only be doing additional downloads for announced updates, and to install on a new computer. In the latter case, you must uninstall it from the previous computer.
  • How many users can share the program?
  • If you purchased one individual license, you may not share it at all.
  • If you purchased multiple individual licenses, then you can install it only on that number of computers.
  • If you purchased a site license, then you will be provided with instructions to install on a network, or you may install on multiple computers. This license is limited to one physical location, but the number of users at that location is not limited.
  • How can I install the software on a network?
  • If you purchased one or more individual licenses, then you may not install it on a network.
  • If you purchased a site license, then you will be provided with installation instructions. This license is limited to one physical location, but the number of users at that location is not limited.

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