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Support Page : Troubleshooting

Problem (Possible) Solution
Problems Buying and Receiving .
You ordered and paid for the software, but haven't received your download credentials. If you have paid for the software online and received confirmation from Paypal, then you should check your Junk email folder. It could also be that you haven't waited long enough. Your credentials may arrive in an hour or two, or (rarely) a day or two.
Problems Downloading .
Your browser doesn't give you a chance to choose where to save the file. Your browser may automatically save the file in a default "Downloads" folder. If you can't find it there, see below at "You can't find the file you downloaded".
After clicking the download button, your browser gave you a popup saying the file was "blocked". This may happen with Microsoft Edge.
There are two possible solutions:
  • Get another browser, such as Firefox or Chrome.
  • If using Edge, follow these steps:
    This shows when you click Download Now. In addition to the three dots ... you see in this image, you should see another set next to the warning. Click on them. Image of text
    Click on "Keep" Image of text
    Click "Show More" Image of text
    Click "Keep anyway". Then locate the named file in the Downloads folder, then either run it or copy it to a more convenient location. Image of text
Problems Installing .
You tried to reinstall the program, but were blocked by Windows Defender or another anti-virus or firewall program. You should be able to configure that program to allow the installation. Contact your IT department or other expert source for help. Make sure that your company allows our software to be installed. We do not issue refunds.
You tried to reinstall the program and got a confusing dialog about Adding or Removing things. Did you try to reinstall the software using the Windows Add and Remove Programs utility? If so, don't. See the instructions for installing or updating the program. If not, see the next problem.
When trying to install for a second time, you get a dialog that asks about "repairing" or "removing".
  • This only happens if you run the same file download a second time on the same computer. Normally, you shouldn't do this.
  • If you received error messages not caused by the previous mistake, then you need to determine why. Ask for help from your IT department, then contact us.
  • If there are no error messages, but the program doesn't seem to behave the way you expect, review the help files before you decide something is really wrong.
  • You can't find the file you downloaded.
  • First, be sure you took careful note of the location where you downloaded the file. When you open the folder to find it, sort by name and look for the file among the files beginning with "T".
  • If you have verified for sure that the file isn't where you downloaded it, then make sure your antivirus software isn't deleting it. If it is, find out how to make it stop. (You may need help from your IT department or your Internet service provider.)
  • The installation crashed and the error message doesn't make sense. There is a rare error in which the browser isn't able to download the entire file. The only advice we can offer is to try downloading the file again.
    Problems Running .
    You get a message, "Unable to find the local help files. Using web site instead."
  • If you follow the procedures for installing the program, you should not see this message. The installation does not support changing the installation folder.
  • (Some other error or problem)
  • If your program is up to date (version 3.00.0927), please use the Feedback Form to report the problem to us.
  • Moving to a new computer .
    You no longer have access to the original install file.
  • If you still have your credentials to download the software, you may still be able to use them at the download page. If not, then send an email requesting those credentials.
  • Note : You may not use this to install a single licensed copy on multiple computers. If your previous computer goes to someone else, the license goes there too unless you uninstall that copy.

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