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Version 3:

(Your version number is at the top of the main program screen.)
When Version What
9/27/21 3.00.0927
  • Corrected several tabulated PD tolerance and min PD values from B1.1-2019, in the sizes : 1.1875-28 UN-3A, 1-8 UNC-2A, 1.125-7 UNC-2A, 1.75-20 UN-2A, 3-16 UN-2A, 6-8 UN-2A.
  • 8/16/21 3.00.0816
  • Corrected tolerance calculations for non-tabulated metric sizes. An error first appeared in Version 3.00.0405
  • 4/5/21 3.00.0405
  • Added support for metric trapezoidal threads
  • Added support for STI and metric STI threads
  • Updated UN, UNR, UNJ dimensions to comply with ASME B1.1-2019
    This includes correcting some 3B pitch diameter tolerances
  • Show 6 decimal places for coating thickness
  • Corrected the minor diameters of some NOT GO work rings for MJB buttress threads, applying the Taylor Principle
  • Corrected the major diameter tolerances for small diameter General Purpose Acme threads
  • Version 2 History:

    When Version What
    11/8/19 2.19.1108
  • Fixed minor error : Acme designations were being rounded to 3 decimal places when there should have been 4.
    The designation will now show 4 decimal places for the nominal size if there is a 4th decimal place; otherwise, it shows 3 places.
    This minor bug had no effect on any computations or specifications.
    It only affected Acme thread designations.
  • Added more "jeweler's" sizes so that software now recognizes diameters specified as #000, #00, #0, #1 through #14
  • 7/1/19 2.00.0701
  • Fixed minor printing error (non-tapered only): tolerance signs were positioned where the decimal point should be.
  • 4/29/19 2.00.0429
  • Added support for NPT, NPTF, ANPT
  • Version 1 Changes:

    When Version What
    7/6/18 1.04.0706
  • Tabulated values for UNJ classes 2A and 2B have been included.
  • Additional corrections were made to UNJ class 2A GO Work Ring minor diameters.
  • Previously displayed tolerances for UNJ class 2B minor diameter tolerances were incorrect. Both tabulated and calculated values, including the maximum minor diameters, have been corrected.
  • Correction to MJB buttress : gage lead tolerances had been reported in inch, should be metric.
  • 9/26/17 1.03.0912
  • The user can choose between 4 and 5 decimal places for threads using inch units.
  • Internal Metric threads can now use the (nonmandatory) "E" tolerance position.
  • Now available with both standalone and network editions : option to use H28-1969 value for UN external maximum minor diameter.
  • Now available with both standalone and network editions : option to use B1.5 Appendix B for multi-start Acme threads.
  • Bug fix : Grade 6 minor diameter tolerances for non-standard MJ internal threads were corrected.
  • Bug fix : Full form major diameters of NOT GO UN set plugs for some small sizes were corrected.
  • Bug fix : The maximum minor diameters of GO work rings for some UNJ class 2A threads were corrected.
  • 7/22/16 1.02.0722
  • Option to use H28-1969 value for UN external maximum minor diameter corrected for classes 1A and 2A. (Formerly network edition only)
  • 6/29/16 1.02.0629
  • Option to use H28-1969 value for UN external maximum minor diameter. (Formerly network edition only)
  • Option to use B1.5 Appendix B for multi-start Acme threads. (Formerly network edition only)
  • 5/4/16 1.02.0504
  • Corrected pitch diameter tolerances for 1A and 2B UN threads. The calculated tolerances for standard sizes were using a length of engagement equal to 9 pitches, even when the length of engagement should have been set to the basic major diameter.
  • 10/13/15 1.01.1013
  • New : lead and flank tolerances for gages shown on screen and print
  • New : User can now enter actual wire size in units different from default, e.g. in inches for a metric thread
  • New : UN external max minor diameter now conforms to B1.1-2003 Paragraph 8.3.1
  • Fixed error in tolerances for some buttress class W plugs
  • Fixed rare bug triggered by incorrectly formatted designations
  • 2/13/15 1.01.0213
  • Warn that certain metric pitch and class combinations are invalid
  • Fix minor tolerance rounding errors for some special UN thread sizes
  • A 30-day trial version is available
  • 10/13/14 1.00.1013
  • Minor corrections to the display of UNR dimensions
  • Tabulated values for 4.625-12 UNJ-3B minor diameter corrected
  • Users can now enter small sizes with the #-style designation, e.g. #5 for .125" diameter
  • 9/19/14 1.00.0919
  • Correction to lead angle for tabulated 60° UN and metric threads with multiple starts
  • Earlier Prior to 1.00.0919
  • Allowances for coatings supported
  • Non-standard size-pitch combinations flagged by yellow highlight
  • Some invalid values flagged by red highlight

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