Vin Decode Programs for Trailers and Trucks


  • Importing From Excel
  • Vehicle data can be imported from an Excel or CSV file, suitably formatted.
    The software can be customized to support vendor-specific formats.
    The programs support blank "VIN"s. (Mainly useful for home-made trailers)
  • VIN Decoding
  • Over 2400 decoding rules determine the types, makes and models of a high percentage of trailers based on their VINs. (In a sample of 5156 trailers, the VIN determined the type and make for about 97% of the trailers, and the model for 88%. Your results may vary.)
    The VIN also directly encodes the year of manufacture, the manufacturer, and the type of vehicle generally made by that manufacturer.
    (View edit screen)
  • NHTSA Interface
  • If you are connected to the Internet, the program can check the NHTSA interface at the US DOT web site. That site provides information about a vehicle as reported by the manufacturer.
    (View sample screen for incomplete trucks)
  • Assessment Years
  • The programs store vehicle data by assessment year.
    Each vehicle has a master record with data that remains the same from year to year.
    The programs support Supplemental lists.
  • Pricing Charts
  • The trailer program comes bundled with pricing charts for some trailer types, both by capacity (in lb) and by length (in ft).
    The truck program comes with prices for incomplete trucks based on weight class.
    These charts are user-editable. (See sample screen)
  • Depreciation Schedules
  • The trailer program also comes bundled with depreciation tables for some trailer types.
    The truck program comes with a default schedule.
    These tables are also user-editable. (See sample screen)
  • Data Export
  • The programs can export to Excel.
  • Mail Merge
  • The programs can print user-modifiable form letters.

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