Installing or Updating Vin Decode : Trailers or Incomplete Trucks

Important Note: If you are changing the installation folders from the defaults, then you MUST NOT install the two programs in the same folder!
Note: If you want to move data from an older computer to a new one, read the bottom section of the Troubleshooting Guide, first.
Suggestion: If you already have a version of the program installed and want to keep your data, please back up your data before doing an update. Although an update installation should not affect your existing data, you will want to minimize the possibility that something could go wrong.
Once you have downloaded vininstall.exe (to install the trailer program), or incinstall.exe (to install the truck program) to a convenient location, you should open (run) the program (the exe file you just downloaded), from the folder where you downloaded it. (If you can't find the file, see Troubleshooting.) To be successful in Windows XP, however, you must have Administrator privileges. If you are sure that you don't, contact someone who does. If you are not sure, then go ahead and try to install the program. It won't cause any harm. In Windows 7 or 10, you may have to enter an Administrator account ID and password.
You should follow the same procedure for standalone and networked installations, whether they are first-time installations, or program updates. The main difference is that for a network installation, the process is completed using the program itself. When installing the software to update an existing network setup, you must first install on a workstation, just like the first time. After that, you must still complete the network installation by running the local version (desktop shortcut points to C drive) on the same workstation, then using the network setup in the program. (See below.) It is highly recommended that an IT professional manage any network setup.
Note: You should use the procedure described here. Please do not use the Windows Add and Remove Programs utility. Use the Windows utility only to uninstall the program, if you need to do that.

Step by Step

  1. In Windows 7 or 10 with Internet Explorer 9 or higher, you may see a message when you go to download the file. (View screen) You should select Save As, and save the file somewhere you can find it. You should NOT save the file in the program's directory.
Screen Image
  1. In Windows 7 or 10 with Internet Explorer 9 or higher, you may then see a message that "the publisher could not be verified". This is normal. (View screen) You can either skip the message or click Run to go directly to the installation process.
Screen Image
  1. In Windows 7 or 10 or Vista, you may be asked to enter an administrator name and password after getting a prompt "Do you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer?".
  1. The next screen you see should be one with a greeting and a Next button. (View screen) If you did not receive an error message first, then you should click the Next button.
Screen Image
  1. In the next dialog, accept and click Next. (View screen)
Screen Image
  1. In the next dialog, enter suitable information (name and organization), then click Next. (View screen)
Screen Image
  1. The next dialog confirms the installation folder. (View screen) You cannot change this. To install on a network follow these procedures, then use the program itself to install on the network. (See below.)
Screen Image
  1. In this dialog, decide whether to customize your install, then click the Next button. If you are updating an existing installation and have customized either your pricing charts or merge documents, you may want to select the Custom option. If this is your first installation of the software, you must proceed with the "Typical" setup. (View screen)
Screen Image
  1. In this dialog, decide which features to include, then click the Next button. If you have customized your pricing or depreciation tables, you may not want to include the Pricing Charts option. Similarly, if you have customized your merge documents, you may not want to include that option here. (View screen)
Screen Image
  1. In the final dialog, complete the basic installation by clicking on the Install button. (View screen)
Screen Image
  1. To install or update a network folder please go to helpnetsetup.html.

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