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Converting from Foxpro

Question Answer
Is it necessary? If you expect to need the functionality provided by your Foxpro application beyond another year or so, then the answer is probably yes. You should also look at the preliminary questions to help you decide.
Can we convert to Microsoft Access? In general, this may be possible, depending on your current application.
  • Advantages :
    1. Low price.
    2. Users can create and customize reports.
  • Disadvantages :
    1. Poor choice for networking.
Can we convert to Microsoft SQL Server? For an application where data is shared among multiple users, this is a good choice for a data "back end".
  • Advantages :
    1. Suitable for networking, shared data.
    2. Good performance.
    3. Good enforcement of data integrity.
  • Disadvantages :
    1. High price for some organizations.
    2. Requires a separate "front end" program. We would create one in Visual Studio, with the code written in C#.
Can we convert to some other database system? That might be possible. We would need to address that issue on a case by case basis.
Our application was created with Clipper (or another dBase program). Can you help us?
  • We should be able to help convert data using a dBase format.
  • As for code, screens, and so on, we would have to take a look and evaluate your situation.
(Any question not answered adequately here) Use our form for questions or feedback.

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