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Converting from Foxpro

Application Conversion Services

We recognize that many companies prefer to have their applications developed in-house by their own IT departments. To accommodate these organizations, we offer our "Level I" and "Level II" services. "Level III" is our full application conversion service.

Level I : For this service, we convert only data, including constraints and relations to the extent possible. The faithfulness of the conversion will depend on the target database type. (See additional details)

Level II : Partial converion. In this case, we will convert code, forms, reports, etc to the nearest equivalents in the target platform. However, this conversion will be performed only to the extent required to enable the in-house developers to complete the process. Code will have annotations indicating where the conversion is not yet complete. Note that this service level may only be available if the customer has access to source files that can be converted.(See additional details)

Level III : Full conversion. We will attempt to faithfully recreate your Foxpro application in the chosen target platform.
(See additional details)

Please note : Conversion from a DOS program to Visual Foxpro can also follow one of these paths. You might consider this when the timeframe for your application doesn't extend very far into the future, or as a lower-cost intermediate step.
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