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Converting from Foxpro

Level III Conversion Service
Full Application Conversion

This set of services includes everything in the Level I and Level II services, where applicable. In addition, we complete the process of conversion from your Foxpro application to something else.
For your part, you will need to first choose a target platform for your application. For small projects, a Microsoft Access database might be suitable. For server-based multiuser applications, a client-server back end would be a better choice. Microsoft SQL Server is one such option. In either case, we would develop the "front end" in Microsoft Visual Studio, using the C# ("C Sharp") programming language.

The steps in the process are:
  1. The protocol for Level I is followed.
  2. The protocol for Level II is followed to the extend applicable.
  3. We would complete development of the new system per agreement with the customer. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, this may involve multiple deployment stages. Each such stage would be followed by testing to verify that the program works as intended.
  4. We intend that the completed software will be at least as good as the original!

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