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Converting from Foxpro

Options for Application Conversion

Solution Advantages Disadvantages
Microsoft SQL Server Back End
  • Suitable for networking, shared data
  • Good performance
  • Robust support for data integrity
  • High cost for smaller businesses
  • A user interface requires a Front End program (This is what we provide)
  • Reporting requires separate support, normally part of the Front End
Microsoft Access
  • Lower cost
  • Reports can be created and customized by the user
  • Not suitable for shared access to data
Convert to Visual Foxpro from DOS
  • Lowest cost option
  • The turnaround time for project conversion will be shorter
  • This may be a good intermediate step
  • It may provide functionality long enough for your purposes
  • A future version of Windows may disable VFP
  • In the future, it may be harder to find professional support
Other solution (Ask!)
  • Custom solutions tend to be more expensive and take longer, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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