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Converting from Foxpro

Level II Conversion Service
Partial Conversion of Source Files

This service includes the data conversion process used in the Level I service. In addition, if some or all of the source files are available, we can convert those sources to source files in the target application.

The steps in the process are:
  1. The protocol for Level I is followed.
  2. Any available source files (see File Types) are located and classified. It is important in this step to determine if the files identified are actually part of the application.
  3. If no applicable source files are located, we can either stop at Level I, or move on to a Level III project.
  4. We will attempt to convert the source files to new source files for the target platform. The type of files in this output will depend on the customer's choice of target platform. Some aspects of the conversion may be automated; others are likely to require manual treatment. How complete the conversions are will depend on agreement between us and the customer's IT department.

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